Bharmour, anciently known as Brahmpura, was the ancient capital of Chamba, Himachal Pradesh (India) till 920 AD. Bharmour is situated in Budhil and Ravi valley between North latitude 32° 15' 36? and 32.26° and East longitude 76° 19' 12? and 76.32°at altitude of 2195 meters from sea level forty miles to the south-east of Chamba.

Bharmour is also popular because of its proximity with Manimahesh Lake, Manimahesh Kailash and Chaurasi (84) ancient temples, which are reflecting the glorious past of this hidden town. Bharmour is also known as the Abode of Shiva as there are numerous temple dedicated to Lord Shiva in and nearby regions The whole region around Bharmour is considered to be under the control of Lord Shiva, hence is also known as the Shiv Bhumi..This place besides being an aesthetic and scenic beauty is also spiritual in essence.

The old archaeological remains are said to be the temples in and around the area. Bharmour is inhabited by Gaddies (Shepherd) who reside exclusively on the snowy ranges and mountains which divide Chamba from Kangra and Lauhal & Spiti district.

Gaddis are semi-nomadic and partial pastoral tribes. Being the home of an interesting Gaddi tribe Bharmour is also known as Gadheran in Kangra district. The place is also known for its red delicious apples, medicinal herbs, hidden treasures and warm woolen blankets.

Location of Bharmour

Bharmour is situated at an elevation of 2,195 meters above from sea level between the North latitude 32 15′ 36″ and 32.26 and East longitude 76 19′ 12″ and 76.32  between Budhil and Ravi valley of Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh (India) and is surrounded on all sides by lofty hill ranges.

The territory is wholly mountainous with altitude ranging from 2,000 to 21,000 feet.


  1. Chamba (District Headquarter) 64 km
  2. Kangra 140 km
  3. Dharmashala 145 km
  4. Mcleodganj 160 km
  5. Manali 220 km
  6. Shimla 350 km
  7. Pathankot 150 km
  8. Delhi 650 km
  9. Chandigarh 350km


  1. Road
    Pathankot (150 km)
    Delhi (450 km)
    Shimla (350 km)
  2. Railway station Pathankot (150 km)
  3. Airport
    1. Kangra airport at Gaggal (130 km
    2. Kullu airport at Bhuntar (185 km)
    3. Shimla airport at Ganhatti (350 km)