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 TREK : Kalicho Pass Trek

Tour Route : Bharmour - Bhadra - Leundi - Bansar - Kalicho Pass - Trilokinath -Udaipur Keylong - Rohtang Pass - Manali
Duration : 8 Days / 7 Nights ( Altitude - 15500 Feet)
Tour Itinerary


Kalicho Pass is the pass named after Local Goddess Bhadrakali and route used by Gaddi Shepherd to Lauhal Valley with their flocks. During the trek you will find the complete difference among the two geographical regions of Himachal Pradesh i.e. Bharmour and Lauhal. The route is difficult and adventurous trek with steep gradient, even well experienced and skilled local people and Gaddi shepherd also respect the grade of the terrain. This trek is one of the most difficult routes of reaching Lauhal valley. Gaddies first take permission to cross the Kalicho Pass from Goddess Bhadrakali, whose temple is at village Banni and Gaddies scarify their few sheep’s to Goddess Bhadrakali at Banni temple to get permission. If someone is not allowed or permitted to cross the pass, and they will not cross the pass and spent their six month near the Banni ranges and graze their flocks in their allotted ranges. Before starting the trek we will visit the Banni Devi's temple, which is known for its powerful goddess, all the locals people visit temple before climbing the Kalicho pass. According to local belief the goddess is the protector for the locals shepherd & people who are heading towards the high Kalicho pass.  

                                                         TOUR ITINERARY 

 DAY-1     Reception & Welcome to Bharmour  

Bharmour is also popular because of its proximity withManimahesh Lake, Manimahesh Kailash and Chaurasi (84) ancient temples, which are reflecting the glorious past of this hidden town. Bharmour is also known as the Abode of Shiva as there are numerous temple dedicated to Lord Shiva in and nearby regions The whole region around Bharmour is considered to be under the control of Lord Shiva, hence is also known as the Shiva Bhumi..This place besides being an aesthetic and scenic beauty is also spiritual in essence. After reception and welcome drink we take you to the Hotel for some rest. In evening we take you to 84 Chaurasi ancient Temples for evening Aarti then back to hotel for dinner and night stay.                    

 DAY-2     Bharmour-Bhadra ( Normal gradient of first 18 km Jeepable road and further on feet up to 34 km)

On the first day of trek, early in the morning troop will move to the small destination Bhadra. Troop will reach Small destination Harchu a lead of 18 km by Taxi from Bharmour via Thalla and Sirdi. The road is leading up to Village Badgram, but road is risky so troop will start trekking from Harchu. After crossing small stream before village Plani trail reaches at Village Badgram via Kuthar, After taking small rest and lunch at Badgram troop will move down to stream through s shape trail. After crossing the small stream on wooden bridge the steep climbs start end ended at Goddess Banni Mata Temple. Rest for an hour troop will move ahead toward village Bhadra, Bhadra is the last village in this trek. The trek up to village Bhadra of 5km is also adventurous from last destination Banni. Stay for night at village Bhadra

DAY-3      Bhadra - Leundi  ( Gradual gradient of 12 km on feet)

 Bhadra to Leundi is a nice walk of 12 km, the day is easy walk with couple of steep climbs through lots of small streams, there is small temple at Leundi which is dedicated to Goddess Bhadrakali. The trail is through dark forest and is nice meadows at Leundi from camping. Overnight camps. As trail is in dark forest so beware from wild animals like black Himalayan Bear. Lunch will be at Leundi camping ground, so revive the whole body for next day journey after night. 

DAY-4    Leundi – Bansar Goth  ( Steep gradient of 10 km on feet)

After reviving body for a night and taking breakfast early in the morning the tough trails start to Bansar Goth through steep climb with ups and downs, during this day we might have to cross steams at couple of places. Bansar Goth has a place for night halt, Locals revered the place as holy as Bansar is believed to the place of Incarnation of Banni Mata and is camping ground for overnight camps.  

 DAY-5    Bansar Goth- Alyas ( Lahesh)  ( Gradual and Steep gradient of 7 km on feet)

 Base ground of Passes or Camp grounds on both sides of passes are called Alyas locally called Lahesh. After taking breakfast early in the morning at Bansar Goth troop will move ahead to steep and gradual climbs to Alyas. After taking Lunch at Alyas enjoy the whole day and revive the body for next day.

 DAY-6   Alyas –Alyas Via Kalicho Pass   (Steep gradient of 12 km on feet)

Alyas – Kalicho Pass - Alyas 10Km track is totally depending upon the weather and physical condition of tracker. Generally Travelling Guide will not take the risk or allow crossing the passes in bad weather conditions and will wait for clearing the sky. If sun shine then after taking tea and light breakfast start moving ahead very early in the morning around 4:00 am to ensure that the snow is frozen for easier walking and if fails to cross the pass before 12:00 pm will create big problem as heavy snow winds, rainfall even snow fall can be happen. It’s the toughest day of the trip to reach on the top of the Kalicho pass takes around 7 hours, though the distance in not much , but the sudden gain in altitude , vertical climbs & taxing terrain makes it a effort in itself. There is small Kali Mata temple at the top of the Kalicho pass. on reaching at the top of the Kalicho Pass go down to another side Alyas or Lahesh.

DAY-7    Alyas –Trilokinath – Udaipur   ( Gradual and Steep gradient of 10km on feet)

The descent trail is through a stony Nallah from Alyas and reaches at Famous Trilokinath Temple. Rest for an hour at temple the trails go down to cross the river and join the main highway to Udaipur. Udaipur is the last destination of this trek. after that all traveling ill be through taxi.

DAY-8  Udaipur   -  Kelong - Manali

After visiting  main temple of Mirkla Mata at Udaipur troop will move to Keylong District headquarter of Lauhal. After   Kelong we will be further move to Manali via Rohtang pass. Troop will stay for one hr on the top of Rohtang pass. On reaching Manali, here our outdoor team will depart the troop with good wishes and ith hopes to visit again and again to Himalaya for more treks.



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