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 TREK : Neelkanth Mahadev Trek

Tour Route : Bharmour -Hadsar - Kugti - Jalmah - Kamring - Naingarh - Neelkanth Mahadev - Chokhang - Udaipur - Keylong - Rohtang Pass - Manali
Duration : 13 Days / 12 Nights (Altitude - 17500 feet)
Tour Itinerary


Area               Bharmour - Lahaul, Himachal Pradesh
Grade            Gradual and Steep
Altitude         16700 - 17500 Feet
Season        June - September

This trek is totally unexplored to the world.Neelkanth Mahadev Peak is situated in Lahaul valley at the altitude of 17500 feet from sea level. Neelkanth is very long peak in the Himalayan range and dedicated to lord Shiva.There is small tarn in the base of peak means small mountain lake and known as Neelkanth lake. As per local legends this peak is also known as Neelkanth Kailash. Many devotees from the country comes here to take holy dip in the lake. The Neelkanth Mahadev trek is quit interesting it comes to stiff when trek comes to end. This place is visited by those men who have failed to father a son. Women are prohibited by local people to visit this lake. There is a small temple of lord Shiva near the lake. Explore around the lake. Anna Adventures & Tours only one travel agency which organise this pilgrimage trek. We start this trek from Bharmour firstly we pass the kugti pass via Kugti wildlife sanctuary to enter in the lahaul valley. After reaching in Lahaul valley we follow the Neelkanth Mahadev trek and trek ended at Keylong.

 DAY-1  Reception & Welcome to Bharmour                                                                          

Bharmour is also popular because of its proximity with Manimahesh Lake, Manimahesh Kailash and Chaurasi (84) ancient temples, which are reflecting the glorious past of this hidden town. Bharmour is also known as the Abode of Shiva as there are numerous temple dedicated to Lord Shiva in and nearby regions The whole region around Bharmour is considered to be under the control of Lord Shiva, hence is also known as the Shiva Bhumi..This place besides being an aesthetic and scenic beauty is also spiritual in essence. After reception and welcome drink we take you to the Hotel for some rest. In evening we take you to 84 Chaurasi ancient Temples for evening Aarti then back to hotel for dinner and night stay.
DAY-2 Bharmour - Hadsar - Kugti
 After taking breakfast early in the morning troop will Move to Hadsar via Taxi then further move through the strenuous trek involving several ascents and descents to the Kugti village and will reach shortly at small station Dhanaul 6 kilometer from Hadsar. After small rest at Dhanaul continue trekking along left bank of Budhil river. The trail goes up and down for another half and hour to reach the bed of Budhil River covering a total distance of 5Km from Dhanaul. After crossing the small stream by a wooden bridge, climb strenuously for another one hour to reach Kugti village. Kugti is big village and consist of two villages upper Kugti and lower Kugti. Enjoy the beauty of Kugti village and spend the left day in the village. Lunch and dinner will be provided at Kugti.

DAY-3 Kugti - Dughi
After taking breakfast early in the morning troop will pass through the village, cross a small stream over wooden bridge then climb for half an hour along the bank of the Budhil stream. Going up and down will reach at a water point. After a straight walk of half hour the trail climbs steeply for half an hour to the Kartik temple. The temple is dedicated to son of Lord Shiva known as Kartik. The Lord Kartik was brought from the adjoining Lauhal Valley and is believed to be the savior of cattle from disease and other danger. The Gaddi Shepherds offer sheep to the God Kartik to protect their flocks. After taking rest at Kartik temple and Temple of Goddess Marali for one hour troop will move forward toward destination Dughi. From the temple the trail climbs gradually for half an hour through alpine fragrant meadows; descends to a stream, fords it and arrive at Dughi camping ground. After taking lunch at Dughi camping ground, enjoy whole left day and rest for a night in tents after taking dinner.

DAY-4 Dughi – Alyas ( Lahesh)                                                                                                                     After taking breakfast move ahead from Dughi to Alyas, a 6Km strenuous but enjoyable stage of the track. The main path keeps following the stream, first toward Eastern side gradual climbing then North Eastern, climbing steeply to reach the grassy plateau of kuddy. As height is gained the tree/ bush line is left behind so Take dry fire sticks of bushes before 2.0 kilometer from Lahesh for night as in night temperature goes below zero at Alyas. Here it turns North East and follows the Kugti pass Alyas, with steadily steep ascent to the Alyas camp ground. The v-shaped pass between two high ridges can be seen from here. It Takes almost 5 -6 hour run to reach the Alyas camp ground lunch will be provided and enjoy the whole day and revive the body for next day’s hard journey.

DAY-5 Alyas - Kugti Pass - Alyas
 Alyas - Kugti Pass - Alyas 12 Km trek is totally depending upon the weather and physical condition of tracker. Generally Travelling Guide will not take the risk or allow crossing the passes in bad weather conditions and will wait for clearing the sky. If sun shine then after taking tea and light breakfast start moving ahead very early in the morning around 4:00 am to ensure that the snow is frozen for easier walking and if fails to cross the pass before 12:00 pm otherwise will create big problem as heavy snow winds, rainfall even snow fall can be happen. After a section over moraine, a usually visible track in snow winds upwards, well trodden and with the way. Generally follow the hoof prints of flocks as they invariably pick the safest route through crevassed patches. Just 1.0 km before the pass the path becomes very steep, over loose rocks and snow. On reaching on the top of Kugti Pass view the surrounding mountains, peaks of great Himalayan Range and beautiful view of Manimahesh Kailash, also see the view of both side Alyases and Grechu pass to the North West side. On top of the pass is a simple shrine of Goddess Marali Devi, the goddess of Kugti Pass--symbolised by a few iron trinkets, bells and pieces of colorful cloth. After reaching on the top, rest a while and start moving ahead toward downstream and try to reach at Alyas as soon as possible. From top of pass two hours run to reach at Alyas of Lauhal. On the other side commence with a steep section is too dangerous and required very conscious mind. Carelessness creates big problem. The track is hardly wide enough to place one foot in front of the other The Alyas (Khodlu) camp ground is 6Km away from the Kugti pass. Dry fruits etc will be provided as small lunch or energetic and fast food like will be provided as dinner.

Day- 6  Alyas Base Camp – Kamring                                                                                                                    Alyas-Jobrung 8Km The trail heads crosses a ridge then goes down to the Rashil stream. Following the right bank the path descends to a beautiful, situated village called Jovrung, the first habitation on the Lauhal side, overlooking the Chandra-Bhaga River. Later the trail crosses the river by a valley bridge and reaches Shamsha on the Kilad - Manali highway. By vehicle trail reaches at Kamring,

Day- 7     Acclimation Day
Rest the whole day at Kamring and revive body for next day trek to Neelkanth Mahadev.Camp outside the village. 
Day- 8      Kamring – Naingahr
Just ahead of the village a bifurcation on the right hand leads to Forebay. From this place follow a narrow track along the left bank of Thirot or Chokhang nallah. Climb to Chokhang is stiff. Good potato fields and fruit bearing trees can be seen in the village.Cross nullah on a bridge consisting of two wooden beams. Follow right bank. The valley opens up after Chokhang village. Naingahr is the last village in this valley, Good patches of birch trees can be seen around.
Day -9     Naingahr -Base Camp
The trek is relatively easy along the right bank. One may see yaks and ibex in plenty. Cattle herds can also be seen grazing on the nutritious meadows. One may like to see two natural caves upstream a side nallah short of Alias, the outwash plain.
Day -10   Base Camp – Neelkanth – Naingahr
Early in the morning troop will move to Neelkanth peak but Climb is stiff. Ford the nallah to trek on the medial moraine that is the only track to reach the tarn, called Neelkanth. This place is visited by those men who have failed to father a son. Women are prohibited by local people to visit this lake. There is a small temple of lord Shiva near the lake. Explore around the lake. After spending two hrs at lakes return back to Naingahr.
Day 11    Naingahr – Chokhang
Return back trek to Chokhang vai the way troop went.
Day- 12   Chokhang – Mooring - Udaipur
Move early in the morning from Chokhang follow the unmetalled road to Mooring. On way is a perennial water spring called Chadhmurti. There is a small temple of Lord Neelkanth nearby. Water of this source is refreshing.Stay a while at Mooring then move to Udaipur to see Mirkla Mata temple. Then in evening move to Udaipur as per programme.
Day -13    Udaipur - Kelong - Manali 
After visiting  main temple of Mirkla Mata at Udaipur troop will move to Keylong, District headquarter of Lauhal. After  Kelong we will be further move to Manali via Rohtang pass. Troop will stay for one hr on the top of Rohtang pass. On reaching Manali, here our outdoor team will depart the troop with good wishes and ith hopes to visit again and again to Himalaya for more treks.




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